UNO de 50


UNOde50 was created in the late 90's by a creative team who decided to break away from established jewelry design. Tradition and modernity merged to shape a handcrafted brand with unique design and outstanding quality.

The brand began with the exclusive philosophy of creating 50 units of each design, hence its name. Over time and through its rapid success, the brand increased production but still retained the name to remember, just as on the first day, that quality and exclusivity of each design are a priority.

The icon of the brand, the small padlock, contains much more than a name. With a rounded shape and handcrafted character, it was designed to symbolize the protection of exclusive and uniquely designed jewelery.

 East Winds is an authorized UNO de 50 dealer, but does not directly sell online. We do, however, ship product from our retail store and are happy to help you with your selections.